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SADO Hosts Informational Session for Friends and Family

Four Dates Scheduled in 2015 for Detroit and Lansing

Join SADO for an Informational Session on what to expect after a loved one is convicted of a crime and sentenced to the Michigan Department of Corrections. SADO staff will be on hand to address the process of appealing a conviction and how an appeal is different from the trial or plea proceedings, and will inform attendees on the visiting policies of the MDOC, how to communicate and stay connected with your incarcerated loved ones, and more. Read more

Michael L. Mittlestat Becomes SADO Deputy Director

2013 Outstanding Advocate Replaces Outgoing Deputy Jonathan Sacks

The State Appellate Defender Office (SADO) is pleased to announce the promotion of Michael L. Mittlestat to the position of Deputy Director.  The position will become vacant at the end of January, 2015, when Jonathan Sacks assumes the leadership of the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC), as its Executive Director.  Mr. Sacks served for seven years as SADO’s Deputy, managing numerous innovative projects and a legal staff of approximately two dozen staff attorneys.  The MIDC oversees Michigan’s county-funded system for delivery of trial-level criminal defense services.“Jonathan Sacks leaves a legacy of passion and excellence,” says SADO’s Director, Dawn Van Hoek.  “We look forward to working with him as the IDC ta Read more

Brad Hall is the new MAACS Administrator

The State Appellate Defender is pleased to announce that Brad Hall has been hired as Administrator of the Michigan Appellate Assigned Counsel System (MAACS). MAACS oversees the private assigned counsel roster providing approximately 70% of appellate representation, as a counterpart to the cases assigned to the State Appellate Defender Office (SADO). Mr. Hall will work with MAACS staff from an office in Lansing. MAACS was recently consolidated with SADO for management purposes, pursuant to Michigan Supreme Court Read more

SADO Offers Guide to Commutation Process

Guide Available for Purchase Now

The Criminal Defense Resource Center of the State Appellate Defender Office is pleased to announce the release of a new publication: the Defender Guide to Michigan’s Commutation Process, an approximately 40-page soft-bound 8 ½" by 11" manual.  Written by Frank Rodriguez, a Paralegal with SADO since 2011, this guide offers unique insight into a complicated process unknown to many.  Prior to his employment with SADO, Mr. Rodriguez was a former Read more

SADO Publishes Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated

Popular Guide Updated and Available for Purchase Now

We are always developing products to assist the Criminal Defense Community and are pleased to announce that we have developed the Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated, a small companion to our Defender Plea, Sentencing, and Post-Conviction Book. The Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated is a slim (7” x 8.5”), approximately 60 page (double-sided) soft-bound pamphlet, containing basic law about the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines, all applicable grids, and caselaw (published and relevant unpublished caselaw through July, 2013), organized by variable for quick reference.   The Manual is printed and ready to ship! Your cost is only $10.  Use our revised subscription form to order today, or contact Read more

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