SADO Publishes Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated

Popular Guide Updated and Available for Purchase Now

We are always developing products to assist the Criminal Defense Community and are pleased to announce that we have UPDATED the incredibly popular Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated, a small companion to our Defender Plea, Sentencing, and Post-Conviction Book. The Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated is a slim (7” x 8.5”), approximately 60 page (double-sided) soft-bound pamphlet, containing basic law about the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines, all applicable grids, and caselaw (published and relevant unpublished caselaw through October, 2014), organized by variable for quick reference.   The Manual is printed and ready to ship! Your cost is only $10.  Purchase the manual online, or contact the Criminal Defense Resource Center for ordering information at 313-256-9833.