Life Sentences for Youth Cases to be Heard by Michigan Supreme Court

SADO Attorneys Among those Arguing March 6, 2014

This past fall the Michigan Supreme Court granted leave to three Appellants serving life sentences for offenses committed as youths, all of whom are arguing that their sentences are unconstitutional in light of the United States Supreme Court decision in Miller v Alabama.  On SADO's webpage, there is a collection of materials and links which will be updated regularly until the time of arguments in the Michigan Supreme Court.  SADO Deputy Director Jonathan Sacks will be arguing on behalf of his client, Defendant-Appellant Dakotah Eliason, who was fourteen years old at the time of the offense.  SADO Special Assistant Defender Pat Selby is arguing on behalf of her client Raymond Carp, who was fifteen years old at the time of his offense.  SADO was also invited to participate and argue as amicus in the Carp case.