SADO Offers Guide to Michigan Department of Corrections

Manual Designed for Attorneys to Help Incarcerated Clients

The State Appellate Defender Office is pleased to announce the release of their latest manual, intended to aid counsel in navigating the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) on behalf of their clients who are incarcerated. The principal author of this Guide is Jessica Zimbelman, an Assistant Defender with SADO since 2012. Prior to joining SADO, Jessica worked for the Legislative Corrections Ombudsman, monitoring the Michigan Department of Corrections on behalf of the State Legislature. With Ms. Zimbelman’s unique insight, the Guide addresses common issues that arise within the MDOC, with emphasis on Intake and Programming, Life Inside, Mental Health and Physical Health, Parole, and a variety of other topics.  In nearly every section, there are tips for “Advising your Client” and a tremendous amount of information throughout this manual. The Guide itself is an 8.5 x 11, 104 page, soft-bound volume.  The printed manual is $10, and is available online.