SADO Attorney Fights to Give Young Woman a Second Chance

Defense attorney Robyn Frankel was featured in the Detroit News Wednesday March 1, 2017 in a story about her fight to free a woman sentenced as a teenager to die in prison almost 25 years ago.

Frankel, under contract with the State Appellate Defender Office to represent juveniles sentenced to life, has been fighting for more than a decade to get Jennifer Pruitt, 41, parole.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled sending juveniles to life without parole is unconstitutional and that those now behind bars deserve a second chance.

Pruitt was just 16 in 1992, and homeless, when she and an older woman robbed an elderly man in his Pontiac home. While Pruitt was out of the room, the woman stabbed the man to death.

Nevertheless, Pruitt was convicted of first degree murder for her role in the robbery and sentenced to life without parole.

During her years in prison, she became a model prisoner, mentoring other prisoners and taking classes.

The judge who sentenced her, Fred Mester, now retired, supports her release.

Defense Attorney Frankel, in arguing that Pruitt should be granted a sentence of time served, said that Pruitt is exactly what the supreme court had in mind when ordering that such defendants get a second chance.

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Martha Anderson is expected to rule on the matter Thursday, March 2.

Sourced from the Detroit Free Press.

By L.L. Brasier