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MPC - Bibliodrama as a Warm-up to Psychodrama: Seeing your Story in the Universal Story of Others

Time: February 3, 2018
Location: Birmingham, MI

Presented by the Michigan Psychodrama Center, this small workshop will be given in Birmingham Michigan on February 3, 2018 and is limited to not more than 15 participants.  Ironically, the magic in storytelling, the feelings of awe, wonder and connection with its characters, most often comes from what’s left out.  The magic arises not from what’s told, but from the uncertainty and tension created within the story’s gaps and ambiguities. Western literature tends to fill in these gaps, leaving little to the imagination, yet the trade-off is stories that are far less compelling than those told in the ancient works of literature.  Using the underlying framework of psychodrama, participants will learn a new way of storytelling and interpretation applicable to their stories and the stories of others. In this workshop, we will explore the most famous murder of all time - Cain’s murder of his brother Abel! Full of archetype and the universal feelings and experiences of envy, shame and sibling rivalry, this workshop works as both a stand-alone as well as a continuation of the Hero’s Journey workshop. Useful for lawyers wanting to explore the universal shadow sides that plague all of humanity, as well as learning the technique of Bibliodrama and psychodrama as vehicles for exploration and storytelling.  The cost is $45-$110 and registration available via or visit