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NACDL - Ringing Liberty's Bell

Time: July 31-August 3, 2019
Location: Philadelphia, PA

NACDL is Liberty‚Äôs Last Champion, and criminal defense lawyers are the sole protectors of liberty for the accused.  The three essential tools we use to influence  juries and judges on behalf of our clients and protect them from injustice are storytelling, communication, and persuasion. While the ability to fluidly and effectively communicate is a natural skill possessed by a few people, most of us must learn it and  continue developing these skills to be effective advocates. 

This groundbreaking NACDL seminar will teach you how to ethically advocate on behalf of your client with proven communication strategies when relating to witnesses, experts, judges, and prosecutors, and persuading jurors of your theory of defense. The program will begin with a lecture on the fundamentals of story structure before we explain how to effectively incorporate storytelling into every phase of trial, from opening statements to cross-examination, closing arguments, and, if need be, persuasive sentencing arguments. You'll learn how to incorporate theatre techniques into your presentations, tackle race bias and persuade judges to rule in your favor. 

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