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NAPD - Working with Clients Who Challenge Us: Building Relationships and Inviting Change Behavior

Time: January 11, 2021-February 19, 2021
Location: Online Course

Course Description:This course will examine “in action” using group collaboration and role-play, the relationships we have with our clients, and identify ways to build skills around meeting the expectations of clients who challenge us.  We will explore psychological and mental health therapy concepts to aid in connection, including motivational interviewing as a technique to support clients who are interested in engaging in change behavior.  Finally, we will explore and discover tools to develop client relationships that are client focused and develop skills to deal with resistance.

Target Audience: People (all job types) who work with clients

The course will have four two hour live discussion “lab” sessions.  Each session will have an average of 60-80 of outside time to review relate online videos and or short articles to support our work.  This can be done at participants own pace before each session. 

Course Outline

Additional information and online registration, here.