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NAPD - Course: Sustaining Well-Being in Public Defense (Part 1)

Time: April 19-June 12, 2021
Location: Online Course

Target audience: Anyone working in public defense—attorneys, investigators, mitigation specialists, administrators, holistic advocates, paralegals, legal secretaries, and interns!

Working in public defense has very real impacts on our well-being. Though we must maintain our physical and mental health in order to provide high quality and client-centered representation to the people we represent, we face constant obstacles of working within under-resourced agencies, being exposed to intense trauma, and handling casework demands that often challenge our boundaries and commitment to self-care. This course will provide an informed and supportive conversation about burnout, self-care and sustaining motivation for PD work. We will explore practices to sustain well-being and mitigate the traumatic impacts of public defense work.

This course is a prerequisite for Part 2: Supporting Well Being in Public Defense, which focuses on the ways leaders, trainers, supervisors, well-being committee members and individuals can improve systemic support for well-being in public defense.

Additional information an online registration, here.