Criminal Defense Newsletter

The Criminal Defense Newsletter has been published by the Criminal Defense Resource Center on a monthly basis since 1977, and is Michigan's only defense-oriented monthly. Criminal defense attorneys regularly rate it "indispensible" to their practices. Written by attorneys, for attorneys, the Criminal Defense Newsletter typically includes: 

  • An in-depth lead article on a "hot" issue
  • Short notes on practice and procedure
  • A featured state trial court opinion
  • News about court rule changes
  • Tips about technology
  • A column on drunk driving defense 
  • Public defense updates
  • Information about reports and studies
  • Profiles of individual criminal defense attorneys
  • All grants of leave and certiorari by the Michigan and United States Supreme Courts
  • Summaries of all Michigan and United States Supreme Court Opinions
  • Summaries of selected published and unpublished Michigan Court of Appeals opinions
  • Summaries of selected federal district court and Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decisions
  • A calendar of training events


Recent Issues of the Criminal Defense Newsletter

Volume 40, Issue 5, February, 2017

Volume 40, Issues 3 & 4, December-January, 2016-2017

Volume 40, Issue 2, November, 2016

Volume 40, Issue 1, October, 2016

Volume 39, Issues 11 - 12, August - September, 2016