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NAPD - Effective Coaching, Teamwork, and Case Review: Helping Defender Leaders Help Clients Course

Time: February 3-March 11, 2022 -
Location: Online Course

This is a course for supervisors and team leaders at all levels in both full-time and managed assigned counsel programs about growth and development of your staff to help clients even better.

This course will build on your coaching strengths. You will be applying the information in the presentations to the actual situations that you face now. Expanding our capacity as a coach and the capacity of our staff to take effective action for clients is a primary responsibility of a defender supervisor-leader. Quality performance for clients is the primary responsibility of public defense programs. With quality representation as a defender core value, active coaching is not an optional undertaking. Supervision is an ethical obligation. The objective of supervision is to assure that all defense services provided by lawyers and staff are effective in accordance with the prevailing professional public defense standards and competency within the meaning of the rules of professional conduct.

Additional information and online registration, here.