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MPC - Summer Psychodrama Intensive Training

Time: June 22-26, 2023
Location: Detroit, MI

Both inexperienced lawyers and extremely experienced, accomplished lawyers with psychodrama training have achieved outstanding verdicts that neither they nor their colleagues thought possible. Psychodrama is the foundation of the Gerry Spence Trial College Method as well as the CDAM's Summer Trial College. This psychodrama summer intensive is hosted by the Michigan Psychodrama Center, which was co-founded in 2015 by Michigan criminal defense trial lawyer Patrick Barone and psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Corby. At this workshop participants will be guided through various therapeutic interventions and action exercises. These methods have been translated into all aspects of trial preparation and presentation. Mr. Barone will be co-leading the workshop and will be available to help guide lawyer-participants toward a deeper understanding of the intersection between psychodrama and the courtroom. 

The workshop will take place in Detroit, Michigan. Learn more and register online, here.