Juvenile Life Sentences

Michigan Supreme Court Litigation:
Opinion of the Michigan Supreme Court dated July 8, 2014; Order denying rehearing dated October 22, 2014.

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Dakotah Eliason Brief on Appeal (filed 1/14/2014) Plaintiff-Appellee's Brief (Berrien County, filed 2/19/14) and Defendant-Appellant's Reply and Statement of Supplemental Authority.

Raymond Carp Brief on Appeal (filed 1/14/2014) Plaintiff-Appellee's Brief (St. Clair County, filed 2/18/14) and Defendant-Appellant's Reply (with exhibits) and Brief of Attorney General Bill Schuette as Intervenor (filed 2/20/14) with supplemental briefing after oral arguments by Carp and the People of the State of Michigan.

Cortez Davis Brief on Appeal (filed 1/1/2014) Plaintiff-Appellee's Brief (Wayne County, filed 2/18/14) and Defendant-Appellant's Reply.

Amicus Briefs filed in support of the People by the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney (in People v Eliason)

Amicus Briefs filed in support of Defendants-Appellants by the Students of Father Richard Gabriel High School, the American Civil Liberties Union (together with appendices and pending Motion for Permission to file), Faith Based Organizations and Religious Leaders (together with appendices and Motion for Permission to file), the Victims and Victims' Rights Organizations, the Integrity of the Justice System (an ad hoc committee of former prosecutors, former judges, former governmental officials, leaders of bar associations and law school deans and professors), the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, an ad hoc committee of Former MDOC Officials, and Correctional, Penological, Public Safety and Mental Health Organizations and Individual Experts, the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan in support of Cortez Davis and Raymond Carp, the State Appellate Defender Office in support of Raymond Carp, and from the Juvenile Law Center.

Prior Opinions and Orders:
Michigan Supreme Court Orders granting leave to appeal in Carp, Eliason and Davis on November 6, 2013.

People v. Carp, 298 Mich. App. 472 (2012).
People v. Eliason, 300 Mich. App. 293 (2013).
People v. Davis Court of Appeals Order dated January 13, 2013.

Michigan Court of Appeals Litigation:
People v Skinner, Docket No. 317892, issued August 20, 2015
People v Hyatt, Docket No. 325741, issued January 19, 2016
People v Hyatt, Conflict Panel, Order dated February 12, 2016

United States Supreme Court Litigation:
Miller v Alabama, 132 S Ct 2455 (2012)
Montgomery v Louisiana, 136 S Ct 718 (2016)

Other Materials:
Guide for Representing Juveniles Charged with First Degree Murderprepared by SADO Deputy Director Jonathan Sacks and U of M Law Professor Kimberly Thomas, October 2014.

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