2019-20 Research PLUS Web Subscription For MAACS Attorneys

2019-20 Research PLUS Web Subscription For MAACS Attorneys


Online access at www.sado.org to SADO’s Brief Bank, monthly emailed copies of the Criminal Defense Newsletter and appellate decision summaries, online and PDF access to the most current Defender Trial, Plea & Sentencing, Motions and Habeas Books, and practical manuals, including the “Defender Guide for Attorneys: Policies and Procedures of the Michigan Department of Corrections,” the “Defender Guide to Michigan’s Commutation Process,” and the popular Defender Sentencing Guidelines Manual Annotated.

Access to a Misconduct Database, Expert Witness Database, User Pleadings, Training Video Archive and 24 hour access to a criminal defense attorney-only e-mail and web-based forum with over 600 criminal defense attorney subscribers.

An annual subscription to Westlaw, allowing unrestricted access to all state and federal case law and secondary legal sources and more; and an annual membership to the National Association for Public Defense, allowing access to hundreds of free trainings, webinars, and additional resources.

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