Media Releases

Wrongfully convicted SADO Client Duane Williams to be released from prison
June 18, 2024

SADO's Statement on Ethan Crumbley's Appeal
June 7, 2024

SADO's Adrienne Young appointed to Michigan Court of Appeals
January 25, 2024

DNA exonerates SADO client Crystal Mulherin
January 24, 2024

Decision holding mandatory life without parole unconstitutional for 18-year-olds is declared retroactive
January 18, 2024

Mandatory life without parole held unconstitutional for 18-year-olds
July 28, 2022

SADO client Terance Calhoun Exonerated after 15 Years in Prison
April 27, 2022

SADO Statement regarding Delay of Terance Calhoun Release
April 22, 2022

MAACS and SADO Receive Federal Grant to Launch Juvenile Defense Project
December 9, 2021

SADO's statement regarding victory in People v Betts
July 28, 2021

Role of the Public Defender Created 56 Years Ago Today in Gideon v Wainwright
March 18, 2019

SADO's statement regarding Larry Nassar's appeal
December 17, 2018

SADO's statement regarding Larry Nassar's appeal
July 25, 2018

Dawn Van Hoek, Michigan’s Appellate Defender, to retire in February
January 24, 2018

Kathy Swedlow Joins MAACS as Deputy Administrator
April 21, 2016

SADO and MAACS Launch Innovative Appellate Investigation Project
January 25, 2016

Appellate Defender Commission Selects Attorneys Michael A. Faraone and Christine Pagac as 2014 Award Recipients
March 10, 2015

Michael L. Mittlestat and Bradley R. Hall Assume Leadership roles at SADO and MAACS
January 13, 2015

SADO Offers Support Package to Attorneys Facing Discipline
January 23, 2014

Appellate Defender Commission Praises Legislature for Passage of Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Act
June 20, 2013

SADO Client James Grissom Released from Prison After Nine Years
November 19, 2012

Valerie R. Newman Receives Thomas Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy
July 12, 2012

SADO Wins United States Supreme Court Case
March 23, 2012

State Appellate Defender Office Secures New Trial for Nathan Jacobs in Murder Conviction
October 28, 2011

Appellate Defender Commission Applauds Governor, Anticipates Meaningful Reform
October 14, 2011

Marla R. McCowan Named CDRC Manager
July 5, 2011

Cranmer and McNeill Newly Appointed, Nussbaumer and Gracey Reappointed to Appellate Defender Commission
June 27, 2011

Dawn Van Hoek Named State Appellate Defender by Appellate Defender
March 24, 2011

NLADA Award - Clara Shortridge Foltz Award Michigan State Appellate Defender Ofice
November 30, 2010