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SADO Client Terance Calhoun Exonerated After 15 Years in Prison

State Appellate Defender Office (SADO) client Terance Calhoun was exonerated Wednesday April 27. 2022 after he spent 15 years incarcerated for a sexual assault and attempted kidnapping that he did not commit. Read More

Jail Sentences For Felony Convictions

A recent published decision of the Court of Appeals leaves some unanswered questions concerning jail sentences and felony convictions.  Is a jail sentence still available for a first-offense (i.e., non- habitual offender) felony conviction? Read more

Michigan Supreme Court: Summary of Applications/Oral Argument on Applications Granted May 2022

The Michigan Supreme Court will hear upcoming arguments on several significant legal issues, including: separation of powers, validity of search warrants, preliminary examinations, the voluntariness of pleas, and lack of physical presence at sentencing. Read more

Unpublished Decisions That Mislead

Unpublished decisions of the Michigan Court of Appeals may at times leave something to be desired in terms of legal reasoning or the quality of research underlying a legal issue. These decisions do not serve as binding precedent, Read More

Breath Alcohol Tests in Michigan Can be 230 Percent Too High

The results obtained from breath testing instruments utilized by law enforcement in the investigation of drunk driving cases can be as much as 230 percent higher than corresponding venous blood tests fn.1. This disparity can occur because Read More

Non-Driving Offenses No Longer a Bar to Licensed Driving

As of October 1, 2021, thousands more Michigan residents may legally drive again. The State introduced legislation immediately reinstating driving privileges to individuals whose license was suspended for violating judgments (FCJ) or failing to  Read More

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