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"Children in Wayne County and Detroit must not be locked up, forgotten and treated as an argument for more resources to incarcerate youth."

Detroit Free Press, March 23, 2023

In an editorial published on March 23, SADO Director Jonathan Sacks highlighted the “unsafe and deplorable” conditions for children living in Wayne County detention facilities.  Read more

SADO Attorneys to Argue in Michigan Supreme Court April Session

Arguments set for April 4 & 5, 2023

SADO’s Michael Waldo and Emma Lawton will present argument before the Michigan Supreme Court at the April 2023 regular session on issues including whether a person who disavowed all knowledge of unlawful activity is susceptible to scoring under OV 19 and whether convictions and sentences for both felony firearm and felon-in-possession violate double jeopardy. Read more

OV 3 and Prophylactic Measures: Actual Versus Potential Injury

From the Criminal Defense Newsletter

In an earlier column, we explored actual versus potential danger and threats under Offense Variables 9 and 19 (May 2022). The Supreme Court has now posed a similar question under Offense Variable 3. Are prophylactic measures undertaken following a sexual assault sufficient to assess ten points for bodily injury requiring medical treatment? Read more

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