Local Success: District Court Success

Karl P. Numinen won a dismissal on November 1, 2011, of a “creation/delivery of an analogue” (i.e., MDPV “bath salts“) in violation of MCL 333.7408a, a 15 year felony, following a preliminary examination before 96th Judicial District Court (Marquette) Judge Roger W. Kangas.  Mr. Numinen argued that there was not enough evidence to show even probable cause that MDPV was “chemically similar” to a controlled substance listed in the Public Health Code.  Judge Kangas took the matter under advisement, reviewed the law, and then dismissed the case.  Mr. Numinen also got an MDOP case dismissed November 22, 2011, the day before the scheduled trial in the 96th Judicial District Court (Marquette); an expert was prepared to testify for the defense.