Local Success: Livingston Public Defender Kristina Dunne

For many years, the CDN featured trial court successes. The feature has been dormant for a while, but we are bringing it back! If you would like to have your trial court successes featured here, email us at wins@sado.org.
Congratulations to Livingston Public Defender Kristina Dunne on her successful motion to suppress and the dismissal of all charges against her client! In his opinion granting the motion, Judge Hatty rejected the prosecution’s argument that the arresting officer’s suspicions were aroused when Kristina’s client “ran off,” finding instead that the record made it clear that the officer instead lost track of him. Judge Hatty concluded that because the officer “had a hunch, [and] nothing more” of reasonable suspicion, he lacked the authority to stop Kristina’s client, and that all evidence from the stop had to be suppressed.

Kathy Swedlow
CDRC Manager and Editor