Local Success: Karl P. Numinen

Karl P. Numinen won a hung jury May 4, 2012, in a 20-year felony case of conspiracy to provide a dwelling for the manufacture of methamphetamine; the case was resolved with no jail and a plea to a one-year misdemeanor of using a controlled substance.

Mr. Numinen also got a felony charge of prisoner in possession of a weapon dismissed May 25, 2012, in the 25th Judicial (Marquette County) Circuit Court.  The charge was filed after a knife was found in a sealed envelope in the client's cell.  There were no fingerprints on the knife.  Mr. Numinen had the envelope-seal checked for DNA; there was DNA, but not the client's.  The prosecutor dismissed the case, and the client was saved from a potential life sentence.

Mr. Numinen also secured a dismissal for a client on May 29, 2012, of a misdemeanor child abuse charge -- on the day before trial --  in the  96th Judicial District Court (Marquette).