Local Success: September 2019

Below are trial court victories of our subscribers as reported on SADO’s Forum—an online community for criminal defense attorneys. Subscribers are encouraged to submit their stories of success on SADO’s Forum and/or directly to Associate Editor Neil Leithauser at
nleithauserattorney@comcast.net. SADO’s CDRC Subscription information is available by contacting Heather Waara at hwaara@sado.org.

Bernard A. Jocuns won a not guilty verdict in an OWI/marihuana case.

Adil Haradhvala obtained dismissal, September 4, 2019, in the 16th Judicial (Macomb County) Circuit Court -- after six pretrials and ten motion hearings -- of a case with charges including human trafficking, transporting a person for prostitution, and conducting a criminal enterprise.

Jeffrey Kaplan, with the Berrien County Public Defenders Office, won not guilty verdicts in a case with two counts of resisting and obstructing.

Edith Blakney won a not guilty verdict in a domestic violence case, September 19, 2019, in the 41-A Judicial District Court (Sterling Heights).

Jessica Mainprize-Hajek, with Theresa Haruska, won a not guilty verdict in a murder case in the 7th Judicial (Genesee County) Circuit Court.

Christopher D. Langholz won a not guilty verdict in a two-count domestic violence case in the 58th judicial District Court (Grand Haven).

Susan K. Rock won a not guilty verdict in a felonious assault case in the 3rd Judicial (Wayne County) Circuit Court. Ms. Rock, also in the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court, obtained suppression of a firearm seized during a traffic stop and then dismissal of the possession charge.

by Neil Leithauser
Associate Editor