Local Success: May, 2020

Below are trial court victories of our subscribers as reported on SADO’s Forum—an online community for criminal defense attorneys. Subscribers are encouraged to submit their stories of success on SADO’s Forum and/or directly to Associate Editor Neil Leithauser at
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Jennifer J. France, Chief Public Defender, Chippewa County, had multiple recent successes. In one case, her client was charged with involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse after having fallen asleep while breastfeeding her baby. Some drugs were found in the residence, but they could be shown to belong to the roommate. A deal was worked out for a no contest plea to attempt child abuse 3rd, possession of an analogue, and an agreed upon sentence of time-served, which was about six months.

In a second case, Ms. France, represented a juvenile defendant charged with rape of a cousin and an added separate child sexually abusive charge for something several years prior. An agreement was reached for a no contest plea to assault with intent, juvenile sentencing disposition, non-public registry, and time-served.

Deputy Public Defender Daniel R. Casey won a probation violation hearing, allowing the client to continue on 7411 status, where the only evidence against the client was an admission of marijuana use, and there were no blood or urine tests to support a violation of the probation conditions.

In a fourth case, Ms. France got a bond violation motion dismissed May 27, 2020, after the prosecution neglected to subpoena witnesses to the hearing.

by Neil Leithauser
Associate Editor