Local Success: July, 2020

Below are trial court victories of our subscribers as reported on SADO’s Forum—an online community for criminal defense attorneys. Subscribers are encouraged to submit their stories of success on SADO’s Forum and/or directly to Associate Editor Neil Leithauser at nleithauserattorney@comcast.net. SADO’s CDRC Subscription information is available by contacting Heather Waara at hwaara@sado.org.

James Samuels won a successful sentence for his combat veteran client. After discharge, and a lack of needed treatment and services, the client was charged and convicted of making a terrorist threat on a computer. The Probation Department recommended 5 to 20 years in prison. Mr. Samuels, in a Zoom sentencing proceeding, presented six other combat veterans in support and prepared a sentencing memorandum on behalf of his client. The prosecutor was on board with a no-prison sentence, and the judge sentenced the client to two years’ probation, with one year in jail.

Carri Briseno, with the Berrien County Public Defender Office, was able to get a tampering probation violation allegation dismissed June 24, 2020.

by Neil Leithauser
Associate Editor