2020 Reentry Workshops

  1. Entrepreneurship 101, February 16, 2020: The workshop featured a panel of speakers who shared their entrepreneurship knowledge and journeys.

  2. Mental Wellness, April 2, 2020: The workshop featured small group sessions led by mental health professionals to address issues of stigma, coping, and individual mental health experiences.

  3. Wednesday Wellness, April 22, 2020: The workshop featured a large group discussion about wellness issues for formerly incarcerated individuals and provided support and community for attendees.

  4. Wednesday Wellness, May 6, 2020: The workshop focused on self-care, self-love, and self-preservation.

  5. A Season for Growth, May 31, 2020: The workshop focuses on becoming more sure of yourself for formerly incarcerated individuals.

  6. Starting a Business Through a Co-op, November 8, 2020: The workshop focuses on avenues for formerly incarcerated individuals to start a business.

  7. End of Year Celebration, December 13, 2020: The community gathered to celebrate another year of accomplishments.
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