Do you have a conviction for failing to register under SORA?

The State Appellate Defender Office is starting a project to work with eligible people to vacate failure to register convictions under the Michigan Supreme Court's decision in Betts and the federal Does litigation. Whether a conviction can be vacated is fact-dependent. Generally, you will be eligible if the underlying sex offense took place before July 1, 2011 and you either violated the safety zones or you violated the 2011 version of SORA.

If you think you may qualify, email or mail the following information to SADO: 
  • Name under which you were convicted
  • MDOC number, if any
  • Date of underlying sex offense
  • Date of registration violation
  • Nature of violation (i.e. failure to change address, safety zone violation, etc.)
  • County/judge for registration violation conviction
  • Email/phone/current address

Address: ATTN: SORA Project, State Appellate Defender Office, 200 N. Washington, Suite 250, Lansing, MI 48913