MAACS Presents the Virtual Writers' Roundtable

Beginning Thursday, July 21 at 3pm (third Thursday following)
Join us for an opportunity to improve your legal writing and address case-based writing challenges (and receive CLE credit) at the MAACS Virtual Writers’ Roundtable on Thursday, July 21, at 3:00pm, then on the third Thursday of each month following. The Roundtable, hosted by MAACS Litigation Support Counsel Stephanie Farkas, is open to all MAACS roster attorneys but limited to six attorneys per session due to the collaborative nature of the work. Participants will provide a draft of a current motion or brief to the group and explain the writing issue in the piece. The group will then discuss the drafts and offer critique and solutions. All Roundtable sessions will be virtual and will be conducted via Teams, like MAACS Case Rounds. 

Find the Roundtable flyer here.