Legislative and Policy Updates

Passed by Michigan House of Representatives

• HB 4467 – Allow more dangerous adult prisoners at Baldwin private prison. Passed 57-33.  Previous contract to house juvenile offenders here was revoked by Gov. Granholm in 2005.

• HB 4069 – Revise criminal defendant “youthful trainee status”. Passed 38-0. To make 21 to 23-year-old offenders eligible for this status, which provides a mechanism for not including the offense on a youth’s permanent record

• HB 4135 – Revise criminal defendant “youthful trainee status”. Passed 38-0. To require (not just allow) that if an offender assigned to “youthful trainee status” is convicted for a serious felony while in this program, the “trainee” status must be revoked.

Introduced in the House and Senate

• HB 4536/ SB 291 – Wrongful imprisonment compensation act.  Provide compensation and other relief for individuals wrongfully imprisoned for crimes; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state governmental officers and agencies; and to provide remedies.

Policy Updates

• The Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency (MCCD) and other organization in Michigan and other states have launched an initiative to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction from 17 years to 18 years. Michigan remains one of the few states that prosecutes all 17-year-olds as adults. For more information, visit www.raisetheagemi.org

• Governor Snyder makes initial appointments to the Criminal Justice Policy Committee.  In April the Governor announced the appointment of 17 members to this committee, which was established in 2015.  It is responsible for reviewing current sentencing guidelines, exploring alternatives to incarceration, promoting rehabilitation programs, and making recommendations to the legislature. The Commission includes the attorney general, representatives of the legislature, and 12 members appointed by the Governor, including Barbara Levine, associate director of research and policy for Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending (CAPPS).

Prepared by Frank Dennis of the Tri-County Re-entry Coalition (TReC), a non-profit organization of volunteers who mentor returning citizens in Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Co., Michigan. If you have questions or comments, contact Frank at fgdennis@msu.edu